Monday, 23 March 2009

Naughty Nigel

Oh dear. The News of the World carried news yesterday that Edinburgh South MP Nigel Griffiths appears to have had sex in his House of Commons with a brunette on Remembrance Day.

Today the Scotsman reports that although this may not be the only incident that the Edinburgh South CLP are standing by the man who held a 405 vote majority in 2005. The following quote from the paper shows how concerned they must be about the seat in the next 15 months.

"It is understood that party leaders believe Mr Griffiths has a solid personal vote in the Edinburgh constituency and this would be lost if someone else was brought in to replace him."

Is there enough after being almost wiped out 4 years ago in light of the weekends revelations? How will the Morningside set take to the news?

If Labour are really that worried about losing Griffith's personal vote rather than selecting a new candidate they must really be in a panic about losing another Edinburgh seat where the Lib Dems are a close second and already hold the closest equivalent Holyrood seat.

Update: I see that Iain Dale has added further from that paper that no self respecting Liverpool supporter has purchased for 20 years:

"I am, of course, ashamed my conduct fell below acceptable standards," Griffiths said, "I've little recollection of the evening, but that doesn't make it right."

So from an outright denial in the NotW to a recollection that he has no recollection but admitting that his standards had dropped (amongst other things it would seem), the question now must be why no recollection of that evening? Oh dear Nigel spinning untruths to half truths is just getting more and more embroiled in his own web.

Further Update: You'd have thought that being a man's best man at his wedding may have garnered some support. Not so for Nigel as Mr J. G. Brown of Westminster and North Queensferry whose official spokesperson refused to pass on his comments. Something about not being in Government. Must be bad if even Jade Goody (who was never a member of the government) warranted some words from the busy man attempting to fix our economy.

Hat Tip to Jess the Dog

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