Friday, 9 December 2005

Equity Opposes Sainsburys and Woolworths in Springergate

The actors' union Equity has voiced its concern about the removal of Jerry Springer: The Opera from the shelves of Woolworths and Sainsburys.

They issue is two fold their General Secretary Christine Payne has issued the following statement:

"Equity is opposed to the action which Woolworths and Sainsbury's have taken on two grounds. Firstly, Equity strongly supports artistic freedom and equally strong opposes censorship in all its forms, however offended any individual may feel themselves to be by a particular piece of dramatic art.

"Secondly, Equity members derive income from the sales of recorded material, including DVDs, and so stand to lose income from actions such as these.

"Equity is inviting all of its members to make their views known to Sainsbury’s and Woolworths about these acts of censorship."

So the ruckus rumbles on. Isn't it amazing how much negative publicity 10-20 complaints have received? I have noticed at least 50 bloggers who have mentioned this, then there was the BBC online article, not to mention the number of emails and letters that are winging their way to the Sainsbury and Woolworth ivory towers.

Strangely unlike earlier this week both companies are now telling the media that it was done for commercial reasons not as only yesterday or in the email I received because of complaints alone.

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